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Welcome to our little Sanctuary

Curated home pieces for your everyday life aesthetic. Feel free to browse our products and we hope to share the things that truly make your space have a soul, a story, and a purpose. ☾


Timeless pieces to help you find connection with your sanctuary.

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We believe our homes should be reflections of who we are and should tell the stories of the journeys we take. It is why we set out to create June & July. It is our way of sharing these stories through our products. A platform to share the things that truly makes our personal spaces have a soul, a story, and a purpose.

Our philosophy revolves around clean, simple and functional aesthetic living. We hope to find functional everyday pieces that we can share with you for our homes in keeping with the aesthetic we love.

June and July is an outlet for us to channel the lifestyle we seek. We believe that having functional but beautiful homeware enables us to see how everyday moments do not need to be ordinary.


 "A thoughtful collection of timeless homeware pieces that transforms your home into your own personal sanctuary." 






Our name, June & July, tells a story behind who we are. We are partners both born under the Sun sign Cancer. The same dream but different personalities. June & July is a mix of our own personal style and beliefs. Having known each other for more than a decade now, we knew deep down that we wanted to start something together that we can both put our energy and vision into life. With June’s keen eye for design and style and with July’s architectural design background, June & July became a dream come true.


JUNE’s dream is to curate and create pieces to show her love for design and that mundane tasks can still bring joy to you. Being an introverted moonchild, home is and will always be her sanctuary. She believes that clean and simple doesn’t need to be bland or lifeless. Introducting colors in your home can make you feel more inspired in your everyday life.

JULY's dream is to explore his wild spirit with the things he is passionate about. This moonchild has a strong desire to follow his heart and hope for the unknown. His natural curiosities seek to connect new ideas into reality. Despite having a spirited personality, he still believes that simplicity can create an impact in our mind and our lives.


Our personalities will most likely manifest through our collections in some way or another, as we are individuals with our own design preferences. At the end of the day, the look and feel of our content is fully curated by the both of us. 


We hope that our collections inspire you to make your home a story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.♡