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hinoki LAB diffuser oil 100ml (citrus hinoki)
hinoki LAB diffuser oil 100ml (citrus hinoki)

Hinoki Lab

hinoki LAB diffuser oil 100ml (citrus hinoki)


Citrus Hinoki

A blend of bergamot and mandarin with a slight bitterness and a burst of freshness. It will make you feel calm and peaceful like a sunny day in the forest.

Diffuser oil

Elevate your surroundings to a superb healing space.
Diffuser oil with 100% natural ingredients.

A clean and sweet fragrance that lasts.
A fragrance that will lift your spirits.

Hinoki Lab Diffuser Oil is a golden ratio blend of carefully selected Hinoki essential oils, 100% from the Prefecture of Okayama, and a 100% natural aroma essential oil.
It can be used when you have no energy or motivation when you are depressed when you want to recharge your energy, or when you want to enhance your beauty regime. The soft, sweet, and refreshing fragrance will gently accompany you.

*Reed sticks not included.